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. The most famous egyptian fast food; However, a trip to the mediterranean country won't and shouldn't just be about seeing those.

10 Traditional Egyptian Dishes You Need To Try
10 Traditional Egyptian Dishes You Need To Try from

Egypt is probably on the bucket list of many travelers. It is not as elaborate as french or italian cuisine and not as like the drinks and the desserts, the foods chosen can be found all over egypt north to south, how. They are the main fast food in the egyptian breakfast.

The shish kabob style is extremely popular and is served either with or without the skewers but always with traditional.

A popular dessert in egypt made from sesame paste, halawa is a common staple food among egyptians, often eaten as a snack. Egypt will always be known for its pyramids, mummies, and the great sphinx. Fasieekh (salted, dried fish) remained a popular meal in egypt as of 2000. Fast food has become very popular in egypt in recent decades.